What should you know about cleaning upholstered furniture?

Upholstered furniture is very common and can be seen in most homes and offices. Upholstered furniture means adding cushions and other fabrics to the frame of your furniture. Gone are the days when we used to have only cane chairs as our furniture. Now we have all kinds of upholstered sofas, chairs, etc. 

But with upholstered furniture comes the problem of maintenance. These types of furniture get dirty very easily and cleaning them is nothing short of an ordeal. They also get easily stained when we spill our food and beverages on them and a vacuum cleaner hardly does the trick in removing all the dust and mites from your sofa.

That is why hiring professional furniture cleaning services in Bangalore is very necessary as they will take care of everything related to your upholstered furniture. In the next section, we have discussed how we clean your upholstered furniture.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

We have a special team of cleaners who work on your upholstered furniture and sofa and provide the best sofa cleaning service. They use cleaning agents and solutions that are absolutely safe, non toxic and eco-friendly. They used specialized tools and equipment to clean your furniture and know which products to use on different types of upholstery.

Steam cleaning is part of the deep cleaning process that uses a steam machine to clean all the deep seated debris in your sofa and cushions. Water is heated to very high temperatures and the ensuing steam melts all the dirt and grime residing on the fibers of your sofa and cushions. This technique is used to remove the most stubborn stains effectively.

Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Clean and Well Maintained

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. This applies to your upholstered furniture and sofas as well.  If you do not want to wash your furniture or spend a lot of time and effort keeping them clean then the best thing to do is to minimize the stains as much as possible.

We have given a few tips, that you can follow that will help you maintain your sofa and upholstered furniture:

  • It is comfortable to have your meals on the sofa or your armchair  but then why have a table and chairs? Using your furniture according to the purpose of their design will help you in keeping your furniture clean.
  • Regularly clean your upholstered furniture by vacuuming it. This removes the dust and  mites on your sofa. This will improve the look of your furniture and increase the lifespan.
  • When not in use for significant periods of time you can cover all your furniture so that no dust or debris ists on them
  • We recommend you to not eat food like pizza, different types of sauces like ketchup mustard, cream sauces, chocolate or drink red wine on your sofa. These foods will stain your sofa without any doubt and getting them out is a mission impossible.

But when this happens do not worry. You can hire us (Dazzle Clean Bangalore) to deep clean your sofa and other upholstered furniture and we will remove the stains efficiently using the latest tools and equipment.

Washing Upholstered Furniture

If you have pets or kids or both at home then it is recommended to deep clean your sofa at least every six months. Generally, experts recommend deep cleaning your sofa once in a year but the frequency increases when you have kids and pets. This is important for both your kids and pets as well as your upholstered furniture.

When we come to deep clean your furniture  and sofa we take care to first understand the material and fabrics used in the furniture. Then we design our cleaning solution around it. Our team of cleaners are highly trained and have a lot of years of experience under their belt. They are also very flexible and you can customize the cleaning service as per your requirement.

Deep cleaning your upholstery regularly will serve to increase the lifespan of your sofa and your sofa will thank you for it. Regular maintenance is very necessary to keep your upholstered furniture in top condition.


Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a highly sought after deep cleaning company in Bangalore and we provide the best deep cleaning services in the industry. Our sofa cleaning services come with stellar reviews and we pride ourselves in providing quality service at affordable prices. You will find our services come at budget friendly rates and our crew of cleaners to be very friendly and flexible. 

Having clean upholstered furniture is possible when you hire our services. You will find maintaining your sofa and other furniture easy once we have completed our deep cleaning services. So, if you want to have your upholstered furniture in top condition then contact us at the earliest.

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