What is Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Why Does it Matter?

Commercial kitchens are found in schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, cafes, etc and these places are large in size as they are used to cook for many people, many dishes at once. As such these huge establishments require a thorough kitchen cleaning compared to residential kitchens.

Residential kitchens are home kitchens that an individual uses to cook for himself or his family and loved ones. A commercial kitchen is very different compared to a residential kitchen and the two cannot be compared.

Let us understand the difference between the two in detail in the next section.

How are commercial kitchens different from residential kitchens?

Commercial kitchens not only differ from residential kitchens when it comes to sheer size and scale but they also need to comply with legal regulations especially with regard to cleanliness and hygiene conditions. This is because commercial kitchens are responsible for cooking for the general public whereas in residential kitchens you just cook for your family.

Commercial kitchens also have a wide range of cooking stations giving the chefs a lot of flexibility to whip up various dishes. Most commercial kitchens will have walk-in freezers and refrigerators that are used for storing ingredients and food in bulk quantities. You can also find many large scale appliances in these kitchens.

Commercial kitchen counters also hold many large scale cooking appliances that won’t be seen in residential kitchens. That is why it is essential to avoid cross contamination considering the volume of food handled every single day. 

Kitchen cleaning service is the need of the hour as deep cleaning your commercial kitchen is very necessary. In the next section, we have talked about the importance of keeping commercial kitchens clean.

Why is it so important to keep commercial kitchens clean?

Commercial kitchens are huge, handle a large amount of food daily and are in use for a long period of time. Also a commercial kitchen caters to the general public so avoiding food contamination should be a high priority. 

Lack of proper cleaning will result in the build up of grime and grease over a period of time which will not only decrease the lifespan of all appliances but will also get the establishment in the bad books of the health inspector when he comes for a surprise check.

Neglecting any area of the kitchen will hamper you in the long run as you will be inviting many contaminants and microbes to grow in your kitchen. It is easy to overlook the cleaning of the kitchen given the busy schedules many restaurants and commercial establishments maintain.

A clean kitchen always plays a role in creating a favorable impression on your customers and they will trust your services more. Regular washing of the kitchens is a must to avoid any build up and removing the stains will go a long way in keeping all your appliances clean and well maintained.

In case you have stubborn stains and don’t know how to remove them then Vinegar is a good solution that will easily come to your rescue. It is a common ingredient found in most kitchens. When combined with baking soda this mixture can remove the most stubborn stains.

A clean commercial kitchen is the source for your restaurant or commercial establishment’s success, especially if you are in the food industry. It is one of the basic requirements but this requirement makes all the difference.

Why should you hire a commercial cleaning service for your business?

Usually the kitchen staff is responsible for regular cleaning of the kitchen and keeping their workstations clean. But sometimes minor details are overlooked in the frenzy of serving diners and customers. And tougher jobs like cleaning the fryers, the grease traps and removing the gunk from the appliances are better left to professionals like us.

A professional cleaning company like Dazzle Clean Bangalore will have all the proper tools, equipment, cleaning agents, solutions and the know-how to clean the various aspects of your commercial kitchen effectively. We are also happy to provide kitchen cleaning tips that will help you maintain your kitchen effortlessly.

Our solutions and cleaning agents are bio-degradable and we pride ourselves in providing green deep cleaning solutions to our clients. Our team of professional kitchen cleaners have many years of experience under their belt and treat your commercial kitchen as a project. They will deep clean your kitchen thoroughly and effectively.

Our kitchen cleaning services include cleaning the trash cans effectively and taking out the trash as well. We are careful in our disposal and we don’t pollute the environment further. We use water very minimally, and only when it is required. We wipe down all your counters and appliances after deep cleaning them thoroughly.

You will find our team of professional kitchen cleaners to be very friendly and flexible who will cater the services according to your requirements. They will even be happy to provide tips that will help you clean your kitchen better. Once we are done with our services you will find washing and maintaining your commercial kitchen to be a very simple task.


Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a highly sought after deep cleaning company in Bangalore and we offer a wide range of deep cleaning solutions. We have an established customer base with many happy clients. If you want the best kitchen cleaning services in the industry then please contact us at the earliest and watch your commercial kitchen dazzle with cleanliness.

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