What is a home deep cleaning service?

You must have heard about deep cleaning or read about it somewhere and this would have made you curious. It seems to be the latest buzzword and is what everyone keeps on talking about. If you are wondering about deep cleaning then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we talk about deep cleaning and how this is beneficial to you. Hiring a home deep cleaning service near me might just be the answer to all your house maintenance problems. But before that lets demystify deep cleaning by explaining the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

The difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

While regular cleaning is something you do daily or your maid does daily, deep cleaning involves taking care of often overlooked or hard to reach areas. It uses specialized tools and cleaning agents and everything in your house is cleaned from top to bottom. This improves the livability of the place and your surroundings are sanitized.

Deep cleaning services are usually carried out by professional cleaning companies who are very thorough in their jobs. You can expect the elimination of all kinds of microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi along with the removal of different types of  dust and mites. The time taken to deep clean a house is long and more detailed than just regular cleaning.

In the next section, let’s discuss how different living spaces of the house are deep cleaned.

Deep cleaning of the living room

The living room or the drawing room is where you and your family spend most of the time. It’s not a simple room but it is the main attraction of the house. A typical living room consists of the sofa, the center table, the TV and the upholstery covering the windows. When this space is used constantly you can imagine how much dust and dirt accumulates here. 

Deep cleaning professionals like us clean your drawing room thoroughly including the furniture, the fans, the lamps, rugs and upholstery, etc. We also clean the floors and provide specialized cleaning services for your sofa. The windows, window sills and the ledges also receive a thorough cleaning. You can customize the cleaning service however you want and our cleaning crew will deliver it.

In the next section, we have discussed how we deep clean the bathrooms.

Deep cleaning of the bathroom

Bathrooms are moist and damp places in the house that turn into a hotbed for all kinds of fungi and mold if not cleaned properly. Compared to the rest of the house the chances of mold growing here is high because there is more moisture present in the bathrooms.

Our crew of professional cleaners not only clean your bathroom thoroughly but they also repair your taps in case they are leaking. They will remove lime scale deposits and polish your bathroom fixtures so that your bathroom shines like it is brand new. Mirrors, exhaust fans and the geysers are also given a thorough clean as it is in these places the dust accumulates often. The grouts of your tiles are also cleaned and all the grime is removed.

In the next section, let’s discuss how we deep clean the kitchen


The kitchen is considered the important place of the house as it is here where the food is prepared. The kitchen can also be a chaotic place to clean as there are many kitchen appliances found on the countertop, and as you cook you might have forgotten to keep the ingredients and utensils back in their place adding to the chaos. Grease and food stains are commonly found in the kitchen and a regular cleaning can never clear them up completely.

Deep cleaning the kitchen is very necessary and our crew of cleaners have a lot of experience in handling the different kitchen appliances and equipment. They use specialized tools when cleaning the kitchen and they clean everything from the ceiling till the floors. Your chimney, your exhaust fan, your stove, your fridge, will all be sparkling like they are brand new. 

The cabinets and drawers of the kitchen will also be given a deep clean and the utensils will all be neatly arranged in their places so that you won’t have to go searching for them any more.

In the next section, we have discussed how we will deep clean your bedrooms.


Bedrooms are the most comfortable rooms in any home. They also hold a lot of furniture from cupboards to the vanity table. Here most things are kept and this place certainly needs a deep clean. Your bed can become a breeding ground for germs if the sheets are not changed regularly. 

When our crew of dedicated cleaners come to your house the bedrooms will revive a thorough deep cleaning and they will even wash the neglected areas like the window sills, the curtains and other upholstery and focus on the overlooked corners and crevices in your bedroom.

Laundry room

The laundry room is where the washing machine is stored. Though not a separate area in most houses in Bangalore you would have still dedicated a space to keep your washing machine. You can be assured that this space will get a thorough cleaning as well and all the dust sitting behind your washing machine will be cleaned. 


Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a leading company in providing deep cleaning services and our experienced professionals are very detail oriented who look into every nook and corner of your house. You can be assured of a quality deep cleaning service which will outlast a regular cleaning any day. You can also be assured of the fact that we will clean your house better than the maid. So, if you want to see the impact of deep cleaning on your house then book our cleaning service at the earliest.

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