Ways to Clean Your Bathroom Tiles and Floor

Did you know most people get brilliant ideas or solutions in the privacy of their bathrooms? It is said that your creative juices flow when you are most relaxed and helps you solve problems better. A clean bathroom can play an important role in that.

Though we may be particular about keeping a clean and pristine house we tend to neglect our bathrooms especially the tiles and the floors. We may clean all other surfaces including our tubs, toilets and wash basins but we often forget to clean the wall tiles and the floor. And another interesting fact is that bathroom tiles are very easy to clean compared to the rest of the house.

In the next section, let’s discuss why tile cleaning is very important.

Why is tile cleaning important?

If you have cleaned your bathrooms and the floor you would have noticed that some areas are just too difficult to clean. No matter how much force or pressure you apply, at the end of the day you end up with aching arms with that stubborn stain still intact as if it was never cleaned. And don’t forget the grout of your tiles, cleaning them with a brush and soap will never get the grime out.

The grout of your tiles too needs a thorough cleaning as they are lined with porous material that leads to the absorption of dust and grime over time. This makes it a hotbed for all bacteria, germs and viruses to accumulate becoming a health hazard. Also the bathrooms are usually damp making it ideal for various types of molds to grow.

Soon your bathroom can pose a risk for your health and the health of your family. If the cleaning of the tiles is overlooked then you can be sure that there are all kinds of germs and viruses residing there.

Bathroom tile cleaning and exquisite

Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a leading deep cleaning company in Bangalore and our services are unparalleled. We have many years of experience operating in this field and we know how important it is to have the entire bathroom cleaned including the tiles and the floor grouts. Our crew of cleaning professionals who are also highly trained will make your bathroom shine in no time. They carry out many services and know how to clean all the sections of the bathroom by using the right tools and solutions.

Spot-treatment of visible stains

There are two types of water: hard water and soft water and only one type leaves stains on your bathroom fittings. If you guessed hard water then you are right. Hard water has the highest concentration of calcium and magnesium. This means this water leaves deposits and stains on your bathroom fitting that cannot be cleaned by ordinary soap and water.

This is when spot treatment of stains becomes necessary. Our deep clean professionals know just how to remove these stubborn stains and when deep cleaning your bathroom will take care of this aspect as well so that your bathroom dazzles like it’s brand new. 

Complete cleaning of bathroom wall tiles

When you hire professional deep cleaners like us you can be assured that you are getting the best comprehensive service. Our crew is very thorough in their cleaning and will clean everything in your bathroom from the top till the bottom. They will clean your tiles, your floors, the grouts and all the fixtures including the toilets, tubs and wash basins. Hey will also clean your mirrors and other electronic fixtures like lights, exhaust fans and switchboards. 

That’s not all they will also remove the mold in your bathroom. This is discussed in detail in the next section.

Removing mold

Mold and other various types of fungi thrive in damp and humid conditions and your bathroom is the perfect place for them to grow. Removing mold is not an easy task and it requires a little bit of expertise because identifying the mold in the first place can be tricky.

That is why professional cleaners are your best bet when it comes to tackling and removing all the mold in your bathroom as they have the know-how and the expertise and using their equipment and solutions can remove all the mold effectively.

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