Using Our steam cleaners in the working environment

Steam cleaning your office is a great way to remove and eliminate all the dirt and germs that are usually not visible to the naked eye. The mechanism behind a steam clean is simple and that is why it is favored by professional deep cleaners.

A steam cleaner is a machine where water is poured and it boils the water beyond its boiling point. Then it is forced out of the machine as steam under high pressure. This high pressure steam can eliminate all microbes effectively including mold and other allergens. And this technique can be used to deep clean many surfaces including flooring, countertop and kitchen fixtures.

Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Workplace

The workplace or the office isn’t made of just one single area. It has many components like the pantry, the kitchen with sink, many conference rooms, a reception and many workstations. Most offices today are carpeted on all floors and these need to be maintained regularly as they have the capacity to attract all the dust and microbes.

The chairs in your reception are usually made from different materials and they too need to be deep cleaned as they are usually placed in the front office where visitors and clients regularly visit. Steam cleaning these areas is your best bet when to remove the stains and make them look brand new.

Steam cleaning the carpets in your office and the pantry with all its fixtures is a great way to eliminate all the germs and reclaim a very clean office. Another advantage of steam cleaning is that your carpets, and chairs won’t be dripping with water after the cleaning is done.

Environmentally Friendly

Steam cleaning comes highly recommended by most cleaning experts because it is very eco-friendly. This machine can be used to clean multiple surfaces effectively and only tap water is the main ingredient. No other cleaning solution or powder is used here and by using steam cleaners you don’t have to spend money on any other cleaning agent.

Using cleaning agents adds to the pollution of freshwater resources and is very bad for the environment. There is no such worry when it comes to steam cleaners as only tap water is used and you don’t mix any cleaning compound to it.


Steam cleaners give out hot steam under high pressure and this is more than sufficient to break down all the dirt and grime and eliminate all the microbes hiding in your chairs, sofas, cushions and rugs. They are also great when it comes to removing marks and stains on your upholstery and furniture in the reception making your office completely clean and sanitized.


Steam cleaners are extremely versatile and can be used on most surfaces. They are used to clean the floors and can be even used on the grouts in your bathroom floors. It is one machine that has many uses and is a great fit for commercial buildings where the area needs to be dried quickly. It also removes stains leaving the place spotless. 

In a short time you can have clean offices and buildings as it can be used on most surfaces, it removes odors and is quick drying.


Steam cleaners are very effective as the hot high pressure steam instantly kills all the microbes and germs living in your office. It is more effective than a mop and certainly consumes less water than traditional mopping. This makes steam cleaning very sanitary as mopping the floor only cleans the dust and dirt. Also steam cleaning your office is a quick and efficient way of cleaning your workspace as this method saves time.

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