Smart Cleaning Of Glass Facades

A facade is the front facing portion of the building and this portion lends all the beauty to the building. The aesthetic of the building is lent by the facade and today’s skyscrapers dotting the city line have mostly glass facades.

Glass facades give that blue hue to the building which can be seen from anywhere in the city and in Bangalore these buildings usually belong to the IT and start up sector. Having a glass facade is easy to maintain but the length of the building makes cleaning it a dangerous task.

That is why it is necessary to hire professionals who have the know-how and experience in glass facade cleaning. Glass facade cleaning is the most common service and only professionals with the right technical expertise must attempt to clean them.

In the next section, we have discussed how glass facade cleaning works.

How does glass facade cleaning work?

A facade’s periodic cleaning and maintenance is very much required. This keeps your building in top condition. At Dazzle Clean Bangalore we provide the best facade cleaning services in the industry. Clean facades are the hallmark of a well maintained building and create quite the impression on your visitors.

We provide different types of facade cleaning services and we use different kinds of equipment for the same. Cleaning facades at a great height is a risky venture and can be hazardous as well. That is why when you hire professionals like us to clean your glass facade we send only our best crew of professional glass facade cleaners.

Depending on the building and the type of glass facade it has, we make use of two methods. We use ropes to access the facades and an automated machine when the building is very tall for our cleaners to access. 

In the next section, we have explained in detail how we use the automated machine to eliminate the risk involved in glass facade cleaning.

Eliminating the risk involved in glass facade cleaning

Facade cleaning services always come with risks and that is why it needs to be done with great care. When it comes to cleaning the glass facades of very tall buildings you can be sure that there won’t be any drop in the quality of our services as we use automated machines to carry our cleaners to great heights to clean the glass.

Washing of the facades is done by our most experienced crew who are also highly trained in this field. Our automatic machine can reach great heights facilitating our glass cleaners to clean the glass facade effectively giving you the best glass cleaning service. The machines can be operated with a touch of a button and can easily go up and come down.

This way we create a relatively safe environment for our cleaning crew and they can finish the project effectively and efficiently. Your cleaned building facade will be sparkling and looking new.

Why is glass facade cleaning so important?

The facade of the building creates the impression of the building. It represents what the building stands for. It reflects the quality of the business and products/services offered. Despite the risks involved in facade cleaning people still get their facades cleaned and this should indicate how important glass facade cleaning is. 

An unkempt facade can drive potential clients away by creating a bad impression. Also regularly washing your facades helps you maintain them better. Our cleaning crew will take care of any broken glass, eroded mortar, cracks in the concrete, fused bulbs or lights etc. while delivering the best cleaning service in Bangalore.

A clean facade also improves the overall hygiene of your building or office. The cleaning services should be done by professionals like us only as not everyone has the experience or the know-how to undertake this job successfully. In order to create the right impression, maintain a clean building and improve the overall hygiene standards of the building, regular facade cleaning is very necessary.


Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a highly sought after company with the best building facade cleaning services in the industry. We have the proper tools and equipment when it comes to cleaning all types of facades and our crew of facade cleaners are very well trained and are highly experienced.

We offer our deep cleaning services and solutions at budget friendly prices and you will find our services to be exemplary without burning a hole in your wallet.  We have an established customer base with many happy and satisfied customers. We have many years of experience operating in this field and we bring that expertise to you when you hire our services. So, if you want a clean and gleaming glass facade that represents your building well,ṣ then book our services at the earliest and enjoy the results of a sparkling facade.

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