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    Deep Sanitization Service Bangalore

    We live in uncertain times. Though mankind has seen several epidemics before the corona virus is certainly novel. It is transmitted through respiratory droplets and it is quite infectious. This particular disease has prompted several lockdowns in all countries including our own. Now, social distancing and wearing masks have become the norm. 

    But is social distancing and wearing masks sufficient? Can’t we do more? In these unprecedented times experts say that conventional cleaning might not be sufficient to protect ourselves from the pandemic. In order to maintain hygiene and take care of our loved ones and stop the pandemic in its tracks, disinfecting the house and office becomes necessary. 

    In the next section, we have detailed why disinfection and sanitization is necessary.

    Why are disinfection and sanitization services necessary?

    Regular cleaning is not as effective as sanitizing and disinfecting the area. Experts recommend using strong disinfectants that have a high percentage of alcohol to completely kill the virus. This also increases the hygiene of the area keeping you and your loved ones safe.

    It also reduces the chances of contamination by the dreaded virus. And a good sanitization service does not only target the corona virus but it also keeps you and your loved ones safe from other bacteria, germs, molds, infections and fungi. A good sanitization service also cleans the areas we often miss during our regular cleaning.

    This creates a safe environment for you and your loved ones. And at the end of the day the real wealth is our health that we actually have and enjoy. It is something we cannot afford to compromise on.

    Benefits of getting professional sanitization services

    There are many benefits you get by hiring professionals like us to sanitize your home and office. They are listed below:

    • We provide the best quality. You can be assured that our services will be top notch and your house will be sanitized completely from top to bottom. This type of service cannot be expected from your maid and will be difficult for you to do it all by yourself. Our cleaning crew are professionals who are highly trained and many in number.
    • By hiring us to sanitize your office and house you will be saving time. You can instead, focus on work that requires your attention and is more likely aligned to your expertise. Allow the professionals to take care of everything and instead focus on something more productive and more suited to you.
    • By utilizing our services you will have a clean and safe home and office that will only boost your productivity and keep you safe in these tough times.
    • Health is wealth. Only good health can keep your productivity and morale high. If you are always sick or your family members or employees often fall ill then this puts a dent in your productivity. Professional sanitization services will ensure that there are less chances of diseases and infections spreading. This way you will be in the pink of your health.

    In the next section, we have discussed the sanitization service overview where you can get a clear picture of what is usually done.

    The sanitization and disinfection service overview

    We offer our service in multiple stages. Our trained crew will come and disinfect all the surfaces in your office and home using smart tools. They will give special focus to areas that have high germ contamination. 

    Then aerial disinfection will be carried out throughout the premises using specialized machines. Again, special focus is given to all corners and crevices. We use machines that disinfect your place swiftly and efficiently. 

    Our disinfectants kill 99% of all the bacteria and viruses including the corona virus leaving your workplace and home clean and sanitized.

    How do we sanitize and disinfect your office or home?

    We take utmost care when we disinfect your office or home. Our crew wears full personal protective equipment (PPE kits) which are well sanitized when they come to disinfect the site. The disinfectants used are safe, non toxic, eco-friendly and hospital grade. 

    The entire premise will be fumigated and disinfected using the latest equipment available on the market. Common areas where you frequently touch like door handles, switch boards, handrails, desktops, chair handles, etc. will be sanitized and wiped with a microfiber cloth.

    Spraying and disinfecting will not damage your electronic equipment like computers and printers. Our crew will be careful when disinfecting these sensitive gadgets and devices. The floor area of your house or office will be mopped thoroughly. 

    Depending on the premises and the area our service can range anywhere between two to four hours. You can use the space one hour after the service has ended.

    Why choose us?

    Dazzle Clean Bangalore has established itself as one of the best companies for sanitization services in Bangalore. We understand that these are difficult times and we never compromise on the quality of the service. All our staff and cleaning crew are thorough professionals who have undergone extensive and detailed background checks. 

    They have been well trained and are equipped with the latest machines on the market. Our disinfectants kill all the germs, bacteria and viruses leaving your premise germfree and sanitized. Our crew also gives special attention to highly contaminated areas and makes sure it is disinfected thoroughly.  Our crew also have many years of experience in this field along with the technical know-how.

    Everyone has the right to a clean office and a clean home. We recognize this and do our best in delivering quality services at affordable prices. You will find our prices to be budget friendly and our quotes hide no surprises or hidden charges. You can have a clean office or home at affordable rates without burning a hole in your wallet. 

    That’s not all. We are not who we are today without the satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction means everything to us and we leave no stone unturned to achieve this. That is why we leave behind many satisfied customers and clients who have become our regulars and always hire us for sanitization purposes.


    Dazzle Clean Bangalore is one of the most sought after companies offering the best sanitization services in Bangalore. We pride ourselves in providing quality service at affordable prices and we firmly believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Our crew is well trained and makes use of the latest equipment available on the market, so you can be assured that you are getting the best service there is.

    Your search for sanitization services has ended with us. We provide end to end solutions for all your sanitization requirements and offer only the best service to you. We take care of everything from A to Z leaving you no room to worry. You can sit back and relax as we completely disinfect your home and office. And the best part! We are only a phone call away. So, call us at the earliest to have a clean and safe environment for yourself, your loved ones and for your employees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between cleaning and sanitization?

    Cleaning involves removing dust, germs, dirt, etc. from the surfaces and people most likely use soap or detergent to physically clean the objects. This might not necessarily clean the bacteria and the viruses. On the other hand, sanitization targets bacteria and viruses and kills 99% of them.

    How do I select a sanitation service provider?

    There are many factors that distinguish a good service provider from the rest. You can check their service record, client testimonials, the reputation they have, their reliability and professionalism and the packages they offer.

    Should I leave the premises when the sanitization is going on?

    It is recommended that you and your employees or family leave the premises when the sanitization is going on because you or your loved ones might be allergic to the cleaning chemicals or the dust mites. Please stay outdoors till the sanitization is completed. Popper ventilation should be there after the service.

    Which premises are suitable for sanitization?

    We sanitize both residential and commercial properties like homes, schools, office spaces, commercial centers, hospitals, hotels, multiplexes, malls, etc. 

    How long will you take to sanitize the entire premise or property?

    Depending on the size of the property it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours on an average. We might take more time in case the property is very huge and there are a lot of surfaces to sanitize. As we put quality above everything else we make sure everything is disinfected thoroughly before leaving the premises.

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