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    Deep Office Cleaning Services Bangalore

    Every well established business has an office. Here all important business related activities take place. An office space is not just any space that can be taken lightly. It is the space where you, as the business owner, conduct important business activities, receive clients and visitors and is the place where your employees come to work.

    A recent survey showed that employees spend ⅓ of their waking hours in the office on an average. An office is that space where commercial activities are conducted and bureaucratic services are performed. It creates a space where common goals of business can be shared and achieved. 

    office cleaning services

    So, an office is an important establishment and in the next section we discuss why we need to have a clean office space.

    office cleaning services

    Why have a clean office?

    An office is the place where your employees spend a significant amount of time. Having clean facilities ensures their well being and there will be less transmission of diseases and infections. Your workforce can enjoy a clean office space and they will fall sick less often resulting in less sick leaves and boosting their productivity.

    Also, first impressions matter. Imagine welcoming your prospective clients to a dingy and dirty office. What kind of impression will that leave? No matter how good your product or service is, it will get foreshadowed by your dirty office. And getting rejected due to an unclean workspace is the worst thing to happen in any business. Having a clean office is the basic requirement and the unspoken rule.

     A clean office space does wonders for your business. An office is a commercial space that has many sections and has very different cleaning requirements. It cannot be cleaned the same way you would clean your house as it caters to a lot more people and has a very different setting. In the next section, we have detailed the different kinds of office cleaning services we offer.

    The office cleaning services we offer

    We at Dazzle Clean Bangalore provide end to end solutions for all your office cleaning requirements. When you hire us we take care of all your cleaning requirements from A to Z and you don’t have to hire any other vendor to clean your office. 

    Our cleaning crew clean and mop the floors, clean the office carpets, wash doors and windows, 

    office cleaning services

    clean and maintain the bathrooms. They also clean the AC, lights, fan and the ceiling.  Deep cleaning of the sofa will be done regularly along with the cleaning of the reception area. 

    We will clean all your electrical items, and other office fixtures like the cupboards and cabinets. Cleaning individual workstations is a given. We do not stop there, we also clean the chairs and do small repairs wherever necessary. We empty the bin of each workstation as well. Cleaning of the blinds is done meticulously as we know they collect a lot of dust and have the potential to become a health hazard.

    Pantry/kitchen will also be cleaned by us so that your employees can enjoy a well deserved coffee break in a clean environment. We empty the trash of the pantry and line it with new trash bags. 

    In the lobby area, we polish all your marble floors with special equipment so that your reception and lobby look pristine. Once our staff is done with cleaning your office thoroughly they will sanitize the entire area because in today’s times that has become a necessity. With this last step you can be assured that your employees will be working in one of the safest places possible. 

    In the next section, we have outlined what benefits you reap by choosing to go with our services.

    office cleaning services

    The benefits you reap by choosing our professional  office cleaning  services

    When you contact us we will send our best cleaning crew to your office. Our staff is highly trained and they have undergone extensive background checks before getting hired by us. They will treat your office as a project and will show up on time at the stipulated hour and carry out the services.

    We send a team consisting of many well trained professionals to your office. 

    Our highly qualified team uses only the latest equipment in the market to clean your workplace. They are reliable and flexible and if you have any additional requests you can convey it to them to get the cleaning done as per your requirement.

    The cleaning solutions, disinfectants and polishes used by our cleaning crew are safe, non toxic and eco-friendly. This helps reduce your carbon footprint. They provide high quality service and the cleaning materials used by them wont damage your furniture and furnishings. 

    You can book our cleaning services at your convenience. We will schedule the service according to your convenience so that the cleaning of your office doesn’t disrupt your business. Our staff will do their utmost in delivering a quality service and will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    You will find our services very budget friendly. We offer competitive prices to our clients and we take pride in providing quality services at affordable rates. By choosing us for your cleaning requirements you save on both time and money as we will clean your office quickly and efficiently without burning a hole in your wallet.

    At the end of the day you will be having one of the cleanest offices on the block making it safe and hygienic for your employees to come and work. It will also create a favorable impression on prospective clients and visitors. 


    Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a one stop solution for all your office cleaning needs. We take care of all your requirements and our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and affordable. We leave a trail of happy clients who are also our repeat customers. We value your feedback and consider it seriously when you provide one.

    So, when you get in touch with us you can be assured that all your requirements will be taken care of and you need not look further for a vendor to cater to you. We are just a call away so contact us at the earliest and enjoy watching your office sparkle and shine with cleanliness at the most affordable rate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you clean multiple buildings?

    Yes, we certainly clean multiple buildings entirely. We also tailor made your cleaning services according to your cleaning requirements.

    How often should I get my office space cleaned?

    Regular cleaning and maintenance needs to be done daily. Deep cleaning should be done in a span of three months. We provide both services – regular cleaning and deep cleaning of office spaces.

    Do I need to supply any cleaning materials to your staff for cleaning?

    That is not necessary. Our cleaning staff will bring their cleaning supplies along with patented cleaning solutions and equipment to clean your office space. 

    Can I avail your service anytime during the week?

    Yes, you can. We work on all days of the week including Sunday and we will be very happy to oblige you when you contact us.

    Can I trust your staff and leave the office while they are working?

    You definitely can. It is not a requirement for you to stay when they are working. Our cleaning crew undergoes diligent and extensive background verification before they are hired. We don’t subcontract and it’s our employees who will be coming to your office to clean.

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