How Often Should You Have Your Restaurant Kitchen Cleaned?

If you run a successful restaurant the question of cleaning your restaurant kitchen would have occurred to you. It is mandated by law and there are many rules and regulations involved when it comes to a commercial kitchen unlike a residential kitchen.

No matter which type of restaurant you run and the cuisine you serve, cleanliness should be the top priority. It is necessary to clean the kitchen after every shift of cooking and also daily to make sure your kitchen is well maintained and to reduce the chances of food contamination. 

The main objective of any commercial kitchen establishment is to have high hygiene standards, and this is achieved by cleanliness only. Restaurant kitchen cleaning services are your best bet when it comes to removing all the build up of grime and grease in the hard to reach areas in the kitchen.

In the next section, we have discussed the rules and regulations surrounding kitchen cleaning of a commercial kitchen.

Are there regulations for kitchen cleaning?

Depending on where your restaurant plies there will be health codes that you need to comply with. In Bangalore the FSSAI is the governing body and the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976 dictates the various rules and regulations associated with restaurants. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these rules and regulations, especially the ones mandating the hygiene standards.

Not following these regulations will get you in trouble with the law. Having a cleaning schedule especially one for regular deep cleaning will keep you prepared to pass any surprise health inspection with flying colors.

Importance of Kitchen Cleaning

A professional deep clean is required to have a commercial kitchen that meets all the health regulations. A clean kitchen is a hallmark of an efficient dining service and your customers and diners will trust you more when they see how well you have maintained your commercial kitchen.

As restaurant kitchens are designed to feed the general public they handle large volumes of food daily and in that frenzy of cooking and serving the customer many areas of the kitchen might be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. This becomes hazardous in the long run as there is a buildup of grease, grime and microbes that can contaminate the food anytime.

A commercial kitchen also holds many large scale appliances and equipment that need to be maintained if you want them to work optimally. If you allow stains and grease to accumulate their performance will decrease overtime and stop working completely. Hiring professional kitchen cleaning services is very necessary to have your commercial kitchen function optimally.

Some Things To Note For Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Deep cleaning your commercial kitchen is very necessary to keep it in top condition and preventing cross contamination should be given a lot of priority. That is why it is necessary to have a checklist to make your commercial kitchen cleaning all the more effective.

Your kitchen cleaning checklist can be divided into different categories – Daily checklist, weekly checklist, monthly checklist and a deep cleaning checklist. Daily checklist has all the tasks that should be done daily and the responsibilities should be divided equally among your kitchen staff.

Weekly checklist has activities that are performed once a week and these duties will be performed by your kitchen staff. This includes tasks such as washing and sanitizing the coolers, cleaning the sink and kitchen taps, oil casting all the ironware, etc.

Monthly restaurant cleaning checklist includes all activities that require specific cleaning actions. It is to be done on a monthly basis so that your commercial kitchen remains clean and well stocked throughout the month.

Deep cleaning needs to be scheduled every three to six months where professionals like us will come and thoroughly deep clean your kitchen. After we’re done with our services there won’t be a speck of dust remaining and you can be sure that your commercial kitchen will be operating at an optimum level.


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