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    Deep House Cleaning Services Bangalore

    A clean home opens the path to a calm and peaceful mind. House cleaning is very necessary and any homeowner will agree that a clean house leads to a healthy and productive life. No wonder books on organization and clutter free homes are selling like hot cakes. 

    A clean home tells you where your things are and you don’t waste time searching for them. It is a great productivity hack and those additional five minutes you get from not searching for things can be used more productively instead. 

    house cleaning services in Bangalore

    A clean home can bring great prosperity and joy to its inhabitants and can never be overlooked. That is why housewives pride themselves in keeping a clean house for their family.

    House Cleaning Services Bangalore

    Why is it necessary to have a clean house?

    The importance of a clean home can never be understated. And this practice of cleaning the house regularly has even been acknowledged by our ancestors. Every festival we celebrate involves cleaning of the house. It is steeped into our culture and is a part of our tradition to regularly spring clean our house so that we may have bright futures.

    Also, a clean home is a germ free home. Our houses can become a place where all kinds of germs and bacteria accumulate if it is not cleaned properly. This is hazardous to health especially if you have little children at home. It is also one of the main causes for allergies.

    Accumulation of junk, dust, mites, etc. also becomes a hotbed for pests to make their entrance. Soon your house will be swarming with all kinds of vermin and pests that will further increase the germs in your house and make living very unpleasant for you. This in turn will increase your stress.

    Regular cleaning is necessary to improve the quality of your life and lifestyle. As we stay indoors in our houses most of the time a clean home becomes a necessity. This also has an impact on the air we breathe inside our homes. A clean home gives rise to clean air that is devoid of dust and this in turn does not affect our health in the long run.

    Bangalore being a metropolitan city and an IT hub is always swarming with people, pollution, clutter and dust. No matter how many times we clean our house it is not sufficient. That is why many professional house cleaning services have cropped up all over the city. Deep cleaning has become the need of the hour thanks to the rising pollution levels and dust. 

    We at Dazzle Clean Bangalore provide the best professional house cleaning services in the city. In the next section, we have detailed what sets us apart from the competition and what makes us unique.

    Why choose us for deep house cleaning?

    We understand the joy a clean house brings and we want to share this happiness with our clients. Keeping this in mind we started the company Dazzle Clean Bangalore. We provide professional deep cleaning services for your house. 

    Our approach to cleaning is holistic and through our many years of experience we know where the usual hide outs of dust and mites are in your house. We do a thorough dust extraction and use UV rays to kill all the germs, and bacteria in the house. Using foam shampoo we clean your house and spray it with anti-pests spray so that pests can never call your house their home.

    We use revolutionary technology when it comes to deep cleaning your house and all our machines are patented and approved by top regulatory bodies. We leave a trail of happy and satisfied customers and our staff undergo intense background checks before we employ them.

    Our well trained staff of professionals take an innovative approach when it comes to deep cleaning your house. We take great pride in providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are not only great for your house but are also very good for the environment. In this way we are doing our bit to make our planet a little greener.

    By selecting us you can see your house getting deep cleaned thoroughly without you having to lift your finger. We provide an end to end solution to all your cleaning woes and by booking our services you can rest easy without any worries as we clean your house and make it spick and span

    house cleaning services

    The house cleaning services we offer

    A home is not just a space made up of bricks and windows. It is a place of dreams, hopes and love. That is why we take extra care when we clean your house. Mothers know what is best for their little ones and make sure to keep the house extra clean making it safe for their children. That is why most of our satisfied clients are mothers who trust our services deeply. Now, let’s look at the services we offer. For house cleaning services we clean all vertical and horizontal surfaces, including windows, blinds, drawers, curtains, light fixtures, doors, etc.

     Floors and table tops will be cleaned well and we lift the furniture when we clean the floor and put it back in its exact place.We remove the debris accumulated in the house and vacuum the entire house, including wardrobes, cabinets, headboards, etc. where dust commonly accumulates. We clean glass surfaces and buff the wooden surfaces. We are experts in removing stains and paint marks. We clean your shower cubicle and buff the floor of the house as well.

    The balcony of the house is often ignored as it is outside the house. It is exposed to dust and dirt and is the one section of the house that gets dirty often. We thoroughly clean your balconies for you and wipe the glass as well. We also buff the balcony floor and leave it spotless so that this section of the house too sparkles along with the rest of your home. 

    Our expert crew will also deep clean your sofa, carpets and mattresses using the right techniques. This removes odors from your furnishings making it smell fresh and clean. We clean your sofas and mattresses properly using the optimum amount of resources so that your furnishings don’t take a long time to dry.

    We offer different packages when it comes to professional cleaning of your house. All our packages are budget friendly and you will have many options to choose from. We will perform all services thoroughly irrespective of which package you choose.

    How to avail our deep cleaning services?

    Availing our services is very easy and it is not rocket science. We are just a call away/ message away. Book our services through our website or call us to let us know when you will be needing us and we will arrive on the day it works for you.

    Once you book our services we will conform it through mail and we will promptly arrive on the scheduled date and time. Our crew will perform the job according to your specifications. We will provide a checklist for you to cross reference. 

    house cleaning services

    Once the job is completed you need to fill our survey that will help us improve our services. Your feedback is very valuable to us and compels us to do better. We accept all modes of online payment and our staff will provide you with a link where you can finish the payment.


    If you want your house deep cleaned then look no further for your search has ended with us. We are one of the highly rated professional deep cleaners in Bangalore and our services come highly praised. We do our utmost to keep you satisfied and it is our policy to leave your house clean and sparkling. Hire our full home cleaning services to enjoy staying in a dazzling clean home.

    So, don’t hesitate to contact us. Instead call us at the earliest as we are only a phone call away and we will immediately respond to your request and drive away all the pests and dust from your house leaving you happy and satisfied.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will you take to deep clean my house?

    We will take more time than normal cleaning as we need to remove and exterminate all the dust and mites in your house. We will give you a time estimate during the consultation. We believe in quality work so we will do our very best when deep cleaning your house and this will take time.

    How often should I get my house deep cleaned?

    There is no hard and fast rule for this. It depends on where your house is located and how often it gets dirty. 

    Is a deep cleaning of the house necessary in Bangalore?

     Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and is swarming with a lot of pollution and dust. The roads aren’t regularly swept in Bangalore and the heavy traffic contributes to the increase in dust levels. That is why deep cleaning of the house is very necessary if you live in a city like Bangalore as the dust accumulates faster and can become hazardous to your health.

    How do I choose a deep cleaning service?

    When choosing a deep cleaning service you need to look into their track record, the number of satisfied clients, the reputation, the reliability, the service record and the packages offered.

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