Guide for Office Disinfection Service In Bangalore

During the lockdown everyone worked from home. It became the norm for the entire world and people started calling it the new normal. Now, the intensity of the pandemic is subsiding and people are returning to the offices. Offices are soon becoming the second homes they once used to be.

On average your workforce spends more than 45 hours in the office in any given week. Now, since offices are reopening it makes sense to disinfect and sanitize the workplace thoroughly so that your employees can feel secure and you can stop the spread of many infections.

Dazzle Clean Bangalore offers a full range of office disinfecting and sanitization services in Bangalore. In the next section, we have discussed the process of office disinfection and deep cleaning service in great detail.

What is the process of office disinfection and deep cleaning service?

We sanitize your office and home in a two stage process. First our team of professional cleaners disinfect and sanitize the sensitive areas. For this we use smart tools and advanced machinery to achieve the best results. We give special attention to high touch areas where most microbes will be present.

The second stage is aerial disinfection. A fogging machine is used that has an ultra low volume and will spread the disinfectant as very small droplets. This technique helps cover large areas of the office and can be done quickly with minimal disruption.

This is then followed by a wipe down of high risk touch areas like door handles, door knobs, light switches, desks, keyboard, washroom areas, pantry, kitchen, reception desk, entry bay, water filters, etc.

The visible surfaces need to be cleaned first and then disinfected according to the CDC guidelines and this is the procedure we follow.  The deep cleaning and the office disinfection will give you peace of mind and your employees will feel safe to return to the office. It will also reduce the spread of infections and microbes dramatically.

In the next section, let’s address the commonly asked question

Are the disinfectants used safe?

Yes, the disinfectants we use are completely safe, non toxic, and eco-friendly. They are biodegradable as well. It has been approved by government authorities and is used in healthcare facilities as well.

The disinfectants are non corrosive and do not harm any of your electronic equipment. They work as effective deodorizers and eliminate any bad odor. Our cleaning crew will thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your entire office even in often overlooked areas. This way you and your employees will be protected.

That’s not all, even when we are disinfecting and sanitizing your office we follow all the safety protocols and procedures to give you the best results. We have elaborated the safety precautions we take in the next section.

The safety practices we follow when sanitizing your office

Our cleaning crew is fully equipped with PPE kits and they cover themselves from top to bottom and wear a mask at all times. Before they come for work to our office we check their temperature and make sure they are in good health and condition.

All our staff and cleaning crew have been vaccinated against the Corona virus. You enjoy zero contact disinfection and sanitization services provided by our experts. All our cleaning teams wear gloves and masks and shoe covers when providing the service.

What should you do after the service is completed?

After we complete the disinfection and sanitization service no person or pet is allowed inside the office for one hour.  The office should remain completely vacant for one hour after the service. All food items should be removed or covered properly before we begin the service. 

Benefits of the disinfection and sanitization services

Once your office is deeply disinfected and sanitized by us you can be sure that the environment is free from all harmful germs and viruses. Dazzle Clean Bangalore has the best team of experts who have the technical expertise to deliver the best sanitization service. In the stipulated period of time we complete our services thoroughly.


Dazzle Clean Bangalore is the most sought after deep cleaning company and we provide the best disinfection and sanitization service in the industry. Our cleaning crew consists of highly trained professionals who have many years of experience under their belt. They follow all the safety procedures and will disinfect your entire office using the latest equipment. They are well aware of the latest trends in the industry and use that expertise to give you the best service.

We pride ourselves in giving you valuable services at affordable prices. We have many packages you can select from that are budget friendly and wont burn a hole in your wallet. So, contact us at the earliest and get your office thoroughly sanitized before you can reopen it for your employees.

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