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    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning Services Bangalore

    The famous quote  in Asian Paints “Har ghar kuch bolta hai” has never rang more true. That is because every house does speak about the inhabitants who dwell there. And your furniture and furnishing plays a huge role in that. Today, every house has a sofa set. It is the main attraction of the living room.

    It is where we sit, lounge and have quality time with our family. It is also where we take our guests to sit. The living room of the house is the pride of any homeowner as it is here where most of the life is spent. It is also one of the most well maintained rooms in the house. 

    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning

    Though we regularly clean the house and the living room, arrange all the furniture and make our halls look neat and presentable, we often overlook cleaning the furniture itself. Our sofas and other furniture in the living room may have already become a hotbed for all kinds of dust and allergens giving rise to serious health hazards.

    If you are new to the concept of deep cleaning the sofa and don’t know about the availability of this service, then don’t worry, as we have detailed it all in the next section.

    What is furniture and furnishing cleaning?

    Which is the most utilized piece of furniture in the living room? If you guessed the sofa, then you are right. It is where we lounge and unwind after coming home from work or outside. This furniture needs to be cleaned regularly as it comes in direct contact with outside dust and pollution through us.

    Deep cleaning of the sofa involves cleaning the entire sofa, every nook and cranny and removing all the stubborn stains leaving your sofa spotless. Deep cleaning is done based on 

    the material of the sofa and each deep cleaning solution is unique. Basic cleaning of the sofa is done where the dust is removed and then it is deep cleaned to remove the remaining allergens, bacteria and germs.

    The same principle is followed for the other pieces of furniture in your house and all the furniture will undergo a thorough cleaning when deep cleaned by us. In the next section, we have explained why deep cleaning is necessary and how it differs from regular cleaning.

    Why is furniture cleaning services necessary?

    Experts say regular cleaning of the sofa does no good as the dust and bacteria present on this furniture continue thriving. You may have noticed this as well, no matter how many times you scrub your sofa clean or vacuum it, it still remains dirty with all its harmful microbes present and flourishing. That is why deep cleaning of your furniture, especially the sofa, is a necessity. 

    Professional cleaning of the sofa will differ from regular cleaning and professionals like us who have the expertise and experience will certainly do a better job than your maid. In the next section, we have detailed all the advantages you gain by hiring professionals like us to deep clean your sofa.

    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning
    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning

    Why hire professional deep cleaners like us?

    We have been active in this field for a long time and the experience in this domain has made us seasoned professionals. We have the know-how to deep clean different types of furniture and furnishings and we provide many deep cleaning solutions that not only clean your furniture effectively but are also eco-friendly.

    We use the right solutions and chemicals to clean your sofa without damaging it or affecting the color. Any bad odors present which have not gone even after repeated washing will disappear with professional deep cleaning

     We make sure to pay extra attention to the upholstery of your sofa so that your sofa remains intact and well maintained after undergoing a deep cleaning.

    You can be assured that after your sofa and other pieces of furniture have undergone a deep cleaning from us, there will be no germs, bacteria or other microorganisms living on your furniture. They will be completely eliminated and you get your furniture back in mint condition. In the following section, we have explained how we deep clean your furniture.

    How do we deep clean your furnishings?

    Furniture is one of the biggest assets in the house. They are a necessity and even the strictest minimalist cannot do without a few pieces of furniture. That is why maintaining them is a necessity and deep cleaning of the sofa is often recommended by experts.

    Once you book our services for deep cleaning your furniture we come and appraise the kind of furniture you have. Then we tailor deep cleaning solutions accordingly. 

    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning

    Depending on the material of the sofa we use steam to remove the stubborn stains. It also has the added benefit of leaving your furniture fragrant.

    For leather and rexine sofas we begin the deep cleaning procedure by dry vacuuming to remove all the dusts and crumbs. Then using eco-friendly solutions we wash your sofa leaving it clean and odor free. Then we wet vacuum the sofa, polish it and dry it making it look showroom new.

    For fabric sofas we start with dry cleaning it and then proceed to remove any stubborn stains. Using our eco-friendly solutions  we remove the dirt, then we wet vacuum the sofa  and dry it thoroughly leaving it clean and brand new. We extract all the dirt and grime from your sofas by using our patented cleaning solutions. We will transform your furniture into new ones that will add a shine to your house.

    Furniture & Furnishing Cleaning

    Benefits of deep cleaning your furniture

    Deep cleaning your furniture is far more advantageous than regular cleaning. You might not know what cleaning materials to use and there is a chance that you might risk damaging your furniture. There is no guarantee that regular cleaning will destroy all the bacteria and microbes like professional deep cleaning.

    It is very difficult to remove stubborn stains on your furniture with regular cleaning. This is all the more true if you have 

    little children and they are prone to spilling food and liquids on the couch.  Deep cleaning will address all that and leave your furniture looking brand new. It will also eliminate allergens that have settled on your couch so you can be assured to know that you won’t be inhaling any allergens coming from your sofa. Your children and other family members are safe too as after a thorough cleaning your sofa and other pieces of furniture are no longer hazardous to health.


    Furniture and furnishing are in every home. They speak volumes about the occupants of the house. A home is complete only after all the furniture has been set in its place. That is why regular cleaning and maintenance is required as it will not only make the house look pretty but it is also good for our own health.

    Ordinary cleaning has its limitations and cannot eliminate all the bacteria and germs that reside in your furniture. That is why calling professionals like us is your best choice. We are a highly rated professional deep cleaning company and we offer a wide range of services. Our long list of happy clients are also our repeat customers and we are very proud of our achievements in this field. 

    We also pride ourselves in being budget friendly and offering very competitive prices to our customers. So, pick up that phone and call us at the earliest to book our services and you will find your house dazzling like it’s brand new in no time.

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