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    Facade Cleaning Services Bangalore

    In this modern age of technology have you ever seen an important building without a facade? Most I.T. companies and tech companies have a facade which differentiate them from other buildings. Then you must be wondering what a facade is? A facade is the front or the exterior part of the building and the word ‘facade’ (which means face) is borrowed  from the French language.

    In Bangalore glass facades are very common and you would have seen this everywhere. Buildings with glass facades have become synonymous with concrete jungles and are a distinct feature of the city. But with beautiful facades comes the problem of cleaning and maintenance. Though Bangalore is a garden city it still has high levels of pollution and dust

    facade cleaning services

    This ultimately collects on the glass facades of the building giving them an old and drabby look. If you own a building with a glass facade then you know this creates a distasteful impression and getting them cleaned regularly is a necessity.

    facade cleaning services

    What is a facade cleaning service?

    Cleaning the exterior of a building is a tedious task and it also carries some risks with it. The taller the building the more difficult it is to clean and it would require some expertise. Many owners tend to neglect the cleaning of the facade for this reason and this subsequently leads to many problems in the future.

    So, what is a facade cleaning service? Facade cleaning service is the service of cleaning the facade of a building. This involves a great degree of expertise as our crew will use the latest equipment to clean while balancing themselves carefully to reach every nook and corner of the facade.

    Why is facade cleaning necessary?

    If regular cleaning is not done the facades not only collect dust and look drabby they will also be prone to scratches and other damages. Glass facades tend to be delicate and if left unattended for a long time they will draw in all the dust and debris when constantly exposed to pollutants and become very hard to clean in the long run. The glass facade that gives a cool blue look to your building will lose its shine and your building will start to look old and create a bad impression on onlookers. 

    facade cleaning services

    At Dazzle Clean Bangalore, we offer facade cleaning services that will leave your facade shining and brand new. In the next section, we have detailed the different types of facade cleaning services we offer.

    facade cleaning services

    The service we offer

    We clean different types of facades and we do window washing, high pressure cleaning, wash the concrete from your facade, remove the cement in unwanted places on the facade, and we also clean any words or letters that you have put on your facade. 

    We strive to be the one stop solution for all your facade cleaning requirements. We also offer last minute repairs of the facade after cleaning it and do a paint touch up wherever required. You will immediately notice a difference before and after the cleaning as your building will look brand new creating a positive impression on your clients. 

    Why choose us?

    We are experts in facade cleaning and have many years of experience in this field. Our crew is well trained and can clean  your building from any height. This is a specialized job and only the cream of our staff who are well trained in this segment carry out these services. They have the expertise and the technical  know-how to clean your facade effectively.We also use the latest tools in cleaning the building facades and don’t only rely on our cleaning crew. To accomplish this difficult task we have empowered our cleaning crew with the latest equipment on the market.

     They are very detail oriented and clean accordingly. You can mention any requirements you might have and they will do according to your specifications.

    Contacting us is easy as we are just a phone call away. We give you a good quote and there will be no surprises regarding the pricing down the lane. We are budget friendly and our prices are competitive and adhere to the market trends. 

    Scheduling our services is very easy. We work with you and your schedule so that there will be no disruption to your business. Our cleaning crew will arrive promptly at the stipulated day and time and carry out the service efficiently.

    We cater to all kinds of buildings that have different types of facades. Our regular clients include offices, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings. We also do residential houses as well that have intricate facades and require deep cleaning. In the next section, we have detailed the benefits you get by utilizing our services. 

    facade cleaning services

    The benefits you reap by choosing us

    You will immediately notice a significant difference once you have utilized our service. The before and after of your facade will be very different and your building will be shining and looking brand new.

    You can contact us for your facade and we will provide end to end solutions for cleaning your facade. Little things like chips in the paint, the letters not lighting up, etc will be taken care of by us and you don’t need to hire anybody else for correcting those problems. All your problems end with us as we have a solution for everything and our approach towards cleaning your facade is holistic.

     There will be no delays from our end as we only send a select group of professionals who have the expertise to carry out these tasks. We do not subcontract this further and the cleaning crews are all our employees who have undergone extensive background checks. 

    You can be rest assured that a quality service will be delivered and you can sit back and relax and focus on other important tasks as our crew will take care of everything regarding your building facade from A to Z.


    Facade cleaning is a delicate process and is also quite hazardous. But it is a necessity as the front of a building is very important to a business and it creates quite the impression on its visitors, employees and clients. Having a dirty facade will leave a distasteful impression any given day.

    We at Dazzle Clean Bangalore specialize in facade cleaning and have the right expertise. You can bet on our services providing you the best cleaning service of your facade. Your search ends with us as we will leave no stone unturned to make your building look brand new.  So, don’t hesitate to contact us and get in touch with our representatives at the earliest and they will be happy to assist you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you clean the facades of high rise buildings?

    Of course we clean the facades of high rise buildings. Our crews are well trained in this field and they can manage any height and clean the facade efficiently. We also use the latest equipment when it comes to balancing and cleaning your facade. 

    Do you clean only glass facades or do you clean other types of facades as well?

    We clean all types of facades and not only glass facades. Our cleaning solution differs according to the type of the facade. We have experience in cleaning stone, wood, concrete,  and glass facade effectively.

    How would you clean a concrete facade?

    We make use of pressure washing to clean a concrete facade. The concrete surface is sprayed with a low to medium water spray. Our crew will start with low pressure spray first to remove the grime and dirt, and then move on to medium pressure. For stubborn areas a synthetic bristle brush is used to remove any grime.

    How does your cleaning crew take care of cracks in the facade?

    Cracks are common in facades but they shouldn’t be overlooked. They don’t bring down the property value but they need to be attended to. Cleaning the cracks is not always the solution. If ignored these cracks can take in moisture and become a breeding ground for algae and fungi. Our crew will examine the cracks and take appropriate action before cleaning the facade. 

    When should I get my building facade cleaned?

    On average a building facade has a lifespan of sixty years. If regularly cleaned and maintained the lifespan can be extended. To maintain the functionality of a facade inspecting it for any molds or algae must be done regularly. Cleaning should be done at regular intervals as it will help identify any problems with the facade.

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