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    Carpet Cleaning Services Bangalore

    Did you know that carpets have a long history of 2000 years? They have been used as floor and wall coverings since time immemorial and have even acquired a status symbol. And to this day, their popularity has not come down. They continue to be the most popular house décor. Not only are they functional but their intricate designs add elegance to the room and give it the right ambience.

    An owner can place carpets wherever he wants it to but you can commonly see them adorning the living rooms and bedrooms. Different carpets are woven with different materials hence their uniqueness. Some carpets are even woven with gold and silver strands making them quite expensive.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    But all this leads us to one important fact. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned regularly. Since carpets are finely woven they become hotbeds for dust, mites, allergens, bacteria and germs. Bacteria can thrive in most conditions and can survive up to four weeks giving them plenty of time to breed and further their species. 

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    The services we offer in carpet cleaning

    Dazzle Clean Bangalore is one of the best deep cleaning companies in Bangalore and our commercial cleaning services are highly reputed. We offer many deep cleaning solutions and we recognize that your carpets certainly need a deep clean regularly. Carpets are usually placed in high traffic areas in and around the house attracting all the dust and mites present..

    If you have pets you would realize that carpets act like magnets when it comes to attracting their fur. It is said that a person sheds 1.5 billion skin flakes and these easily get attached to the carpet fibers making your carpets a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. That’s not all a carpet may look clean on the outside but it can hold four times its weight in dirt.

    That is why we deep clean your carpets. We are adept at house cleaning and deep cleaning your rooms and bathrooms including the kitchen and we offer the same expertise when it comes to your carpets. In the net section, we have detailed the methods we use to professionally deep clean your carpets

    How do we professionally clean your carpets?

    Experts say that regular vacuuming is not sufficient and it doesn’t clean the deep seated debris in your carpets. Carpets continue to become the health hazards they are if you just continue to vacuum it without ever getting them professionally cleaned.  Only a professional deep clean can thoroughly clean your carpets removing all the debris in those weaves and fibers.


    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Here at Dazzle Clean Bangalore, we clean your carpets in multiple steps and each step is quite intensive. We will tailor our service according to the material of your carpet. Generally our cleaning involves dust extraction using a HEPA filter. Our cleaning crew will use  modern equipment to extract all the dust and dirt that are on your carpet. 

    Then they will shampoo your carpet using eco-friendly and non toxic solutions that are 90%  foam and 10% moisture. This usually removes all the deep seated dirt and germs in your carpet. This is one of the main steps and it thoroughly cleans the carpet. 

    To remove any bad odors present in your carpets we also deodorize and sanitize it as well. We use solvents that kill all the germs that cause the bad odor. Then comes the spot treatment. Some sections of the carpet might still have some mild light stains that will be taken care of in this step.

    Once the above procedures are completed we will dry your carpets by extracting the moisture using our moisture injection extraction machines. These machines extract the moisture efficiently quickly drying your carpets. They also remove any dust particles remaining on the carpets. 

    And as an additional service we repair fringes wherever possible. If your carpets are old and have frayed edges then we repair it for you so that they look new. Our deep cleaning will make your carpets feel and look brand new. Also your house will be cleaned and will be devoid of any décor that is filled with allergens harming your health and that of your family’s. In the next section we have detailed the benefits you will receive by hiring us to deep clean your carpets.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    The benefits of hiring us to clean your carpets

    We are your best bet when it comes to getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Our staff is highly trained and we send a select team of professionals who have many years of experience in the industry. Their experience and flexibility will help you get your carpets cleaned as per your liking and requirement. 

    When it comes to cleaning and shampooing your carpets we use patented products that are eco-friendly, non toxic and safe. The equipment we use to vacuum your carpets use the latest technology and we have kept ourselves updated regarding the latest market trends.

    We deep clean your carpets and rugs so that there are no traces of any germs, dust or bacteria left in them. You will immediately notice a huge difference in your carpets before and after the service. 

    We operate on all days of the week including Sundays and we clean your carpet on the same day itself. You have the option of dropping off your carpets to our outlet where we will clean it and give it to you within 24 hours or when you are getting your house deep cleaned you can avail this service as well and our crew will tackle it all together.

    We offer the best rates in the market and pride ourselves on being budget friendly. It is our mission to provide affordable deep cleaning solutions so that everyone can live in a clean home that is not hazardous to their health. We quote reasonable rates and never surprise you with higher prices as we begin to deep clean your carpets. 

    We deep clean all types of carpets be it Persian, synthetic, silk, wool, etc. and our staff can handle any  kind of carpet with expertise. You can be rest assured that we will provide quality service and your carpets will be in mint condition when we have finished deep cleaning them.

    We understand the bonds you have formed with your carpets. Every single piece of furniture in your home is there, only after you have carefully selected them. The same goes for carpets as well and that is why we repair the frayed edges and give it to you so that your carpets can enjoy a long life in your home.


    Carpets have been around a long time and each great civilization has given rise to a new type of carpet. They are functional and add an ambience to the room. A good carpet that complements the furniture well speaks volumes when it comes to the interior decoration of the house. But a good carpet always comes with maintenance problems and regular vacuuming is never sufficient. Deep cleaning your carpets is necessary before it turns into a health hazard. 

    Your hunt for professional deep cleaning services has ended with us. We provide a one stop solution for all your deep cleaning woes. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, or your furnishings we have the expertise to carry out any kind of cleaning safely and effectively. Our cleaning crew consist of members who are thorough professionals and who arrive at the stipulated day and time to complete the service. We are pocket friendly and never burn a hole in your wallet for our services. You can get anything deep cleaned at affordable rates. 

    So, don’t hesitate and contact us immediately and start living in a clean house with clean carpets and rugs just like you were meant to.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I get my carpets or rugs deep cleaned?

    Experts suggest getting your carpets or rugs professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months without fail. 

    Can I just drop off my carpets at your location for deep cleaning?

    Yes, of course this facility is available. If you don’t want us coming to your doorstep you can bring your carpets to our outlet and we will deep clean them and give it back to you within 24 hours at the stipulated time.

    How long will it take to clean my carpets?

    This question has no hard and fast rule. It depends on the material of the carpet. Our crew will take around 1-1.5 hours to clean your carpet. But what actually matters is the drying time of your carpets. Most carpets on an average take three hours to dry, so you need to plan accordingly. Use the carpets only after they dry completely.

    Do you attend to any bad odors coming from the carpet?

    Yes, of course. We have a deodorizing stage in the carpet cleaning process where we make sure all odor causing germs and bacteria are completely removed from the carpet. You will get a clean and fresh smelling carpet after we are done deep cleaning it.

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