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    Deep Car Cleaning Service Bangalore

    Did you know the sale of cars is used as an economic indicator? Yes, depending on the number of cars sold every quarter economists determine if the economy of the country is doing well or not. That is the significance of a car. 

    Cars have become so common they are now being used as economic indicators. And in almost every house you will find a car, sometimes even two. As a car owner yourself you would know the convenience a car brings into your life. 

    Cars mean different things to different people. A lot of sentimental value is attached to a car and many people treat the car as their own family member. So, maintaining 

    Deep Car Cleaning Service

    the car and cleaning the car becomes very important. You would definitely want this family member to dazzle and shine just like the rest of your family. 

    In the next section, we have explained why getting the car professionally cleaned is better.

    Deep Car Cleaning Service

    Why should you get your car professionally cleaned?

    We all remember getting our car like it was yesterday. The gleaming exteriors, the fragrant interiors. Who can forget the smell of a new car? Over the years you would have noticed that all this would have faded. Regular cleaning may keep your car clean but nothing brings it back to its pristine state except for professional car cleaning services. By getting your car professionally cleaned you are restoring it to its former glory. Here, all the covert bacteria, germs, molds and fungi residing in your car will be completely removed. 

    It eliminates the bad odor in your car especially from the upholstery of your vehicle. Professional cleaning services vacuum the vehicle, along with brushing so that all dust and fine particles are removed completely.

    Also, a professional car wash is much more detailed, takes more time, uses various products, and gives your car a thorough cleaning. It leaves your vehicle clean, healthy and fragrant. This also helps in increasing the resale value of your car in case you decide to part with your vehicle. 

    In the next section, we have described the car cleaning service we provide here at Dazzle Clean Bangalore.

    The service overview

    We offer the best car cleaning services in Bangalore. We offer the facility to send our cleaning crew to your doorstep or you can leave your car with us. In both cases you can be rest assured that we will provide the best service and your car will be restored to its former glory. We professionally clean all kinds of automobiles including four wheel drives. 

    We first vacuum your car and extract all the dust and fine particles from your car. Then we vacuum all the mats and 

    Deep Car Cleaning Service

    other accessories present in your vehicle. After vacuuming, cleaning of the upholstery is done. Our cleaning crew will  be very detail oriented and will deep clean your car thoroughly. We will shampoo the exteriors of the car and polish wherever required. 

    Our crew is very flexible and if you have any requests they will be happy to accommodate. You can get the car cleaned according to your specifications over and above what we already offer. In the next section, we have detailed the services you can expect from us.

    Car Cleaning Service

    The services we offer

    When it comes to cleaning your beloved vehicle we use brushes and power equipment to clean the exteriors of the car and this includes pressure washing as well. Drying and waxing of the exteriors is also done. Our crew comprises of mechanics who can also remove the dents and scratches  in your vehicle and do paint touch ups wherever necessary,

    Our crew uses eco-friendly shampoos on the upholstery of your car and they clean any debris and junk present inside the car. All windshields of your car will be washed along with the backside. 

    They will check the fluid levels as well and perform light maintenance. They will also wash your tires, check the air pressure and keep them inflated accordingly.

    They will not only focus on the interior and exterior of your car, but also underneath your vehicle. Many cars have very low ground clearance and this means a lot of mud, junk and debris gets collected underneath your vehicle, especially during the monsoon season. Our cleaning crew will also clean the underside of your car thoroughly and remove all the debris collected there.

    Why choose us?

    We are the most sought after car cleaning company in Bangalore. At Dazzle Clean Bangalore you will always get quality services every single time. We have been in this field for many years and that has helped us in gaining the experience and expertise in cleaning your car to perfection. We approach your car from a holistic perspective and that is why our team of cleaning crew consist of mechanics and dedicated cleaners. We offer various cleaning packages and our services are extremely budget friendly. Our detail oriented crew look at every crook and cranny of your car and leave no stone unturned to return it to its former glory. 

    Deep Car Cleaning Service

    Our prices are very market friendly and you can be happy in the fact that you are getting quality services without having to burn a hole in your wallet. We are honest with our quotes and there will be no surprises along the way. There are no hidden charges as well as we are upfront with our estimates.

    Our services are well reputed and we leave a trail of happy and satisfied clients who are also our repeat customers. They regularly hire us in cleaning their vehicles and we do our utmost in cleaning and maintaining their vehicles. At the end of the day you will notice your vehicle shining and gleaming and completely different from how it was before. It will be primed to its former glory and you will feel like you are driving a new car.


    A car is our pride and joy. It is also a family member. In today’s time a car has a lot of significance. It is the vehicle that carries us to our destination comfortably. It is also the place where many memories are created with our loved ones. There is no doubt that a clean car is also a comfortable car. And to make our beloved family member to shine it makes sense to go for a professional cleaning service.

    That is why at Dazzle Clean Bangalore we treat your car with the same love and respect. We do not treat it as a vehicle but as a family member that needs to shine. Our crew will take care of your car and clean it from a holistic perspective. Our mechanics understand the language of the cars well and provide maintenance wherever possible so that your beloved vehicle has a long life.

    So, if you want your vehicle to be professionally cleaned with all the love and respect it deserves then look no further as your search has ended with us. We are just a phone call away and you can book our services at your convenience. So, do not wait any longer and book our services at the earliest and watch your car shine and dazzle. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I avail the car cleaning service?

    We provide two options to our customers. You can request a doorstep cleaning where we will send our cleaning crew equipped with the latest machines to your place. Or you can leave your car with us and we will clean it according to the package you select.

    How long will you take to complete cleaning my car?

    This depends on the car and the package you select. We focus more on providing quality services and we take anywhere between four to eight hours for a full clean on an average. Sometimes it can take the whole day as well.

    How do you clean the interior of my car?

    This depends on the package you select.  We carry out many services. We vacuum the floor mats and the carpets, shampoo the upholstery after it is brushed to remove the dust, and we also do vinyl cleaning and dressing. 

    How often should I get my car deep cleaned?

    This depends on how frequently you use your car and what kind of terrain you drive it on. If the roads are filled with potholes then a lot of debris and mud will be collected underneath your car and you will need to bring it often for a full cleaning, preferably every six months. The more often you get your car clean the more easy it becomes to maintain it and keep it in pristine condition.

    How long does the wax last on the exteriors of the car?

    We wax the exteriors of your car using high quality wax only. The wax coating should last for three months on an average but this can change depending on factors like weather conditions, dirt buildup, the terrains you drive your car on, etc. Car experts recommend waxing your car every 3-4 months.

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