Car Cleaning Facts You Need to Know

Is it that time of the year when you need to give your car for maintenance? Do you regularly clean your car or is it once in a year thing? Whatever might be the case, in this article we discuss car cleaning facts that will help you keep your car in top shape.

But, before we go into that let us reveal some dirty little secrets about your car. Around 61% of the car drivers routinely leave garbage in the car according to a recent survey. This gradually builds up to bad odor and smell which is very difficult to get rid of.

If you are wondering about the bad smells in your car, now you know who the culprit is.  This is why car cleaning is a necessity. In the next section we have discussed some interesting cleaning facts and we are sure this will resonate with you as Bangalore is a car dependent city with many people owning more than one car. 

Car Cleaning Facts: The Driver’s Seat is a Bacteria Hotspot

There are more than 500 species of bacteria thriving inside your car according to University microbiology research. This is after the driver’s seat was taken in for testing in five different used cars. Hence car detailing and sanitizing is very necessary.

Used Cars Need a Professional Clean

It is common knowledge that older cars will have higher bacteria loads compared to newer cars. This is because they have been in use for a long time and may have had multiple drivers or owners. Hence treat your cars well and clean and sanitize your older vehicle regularly.

One in Five Drivers Haven’t Cleaned Their Car for Months

Some people never go about cleaning their cars for months on end. One in five people haven’t cleaned their cars for more than three months according to a survey. If you don’t clean your car regularly then you can easily join this statistic which is not good for your car in the long run.

Cars Full of Junk Leave No Room for Passengers

Have you ever wondered where all your unwanted stuff goes? Apparently it goes to your car. According to a recent survey 31% of the junk have found their way to the car leaving you without any room to drive and making your fellow passengers uncomfortable.

The Rise of Dashboard Dining Means Dirtier Cars

Many people have their meals in the car. This happens so frequently it gave way to a new term dashboard dining. Dashboard dining is where you use your car dashboard as a dining table and have your meals there. This will lead to spillage, crumbs, stains and bad odor. This makes your car all the more dirty for you to use.

Car Sharing is on the Rise

Car sharing is on the rise. And we are all for it. It is an eco-friendly option that reduces the traffic on the roads and certainly decreases the carbon footprint in general. But an overlooked fact is that it also makes your car dirtier. More mileage means more grime, more feet in and out of your car means more dirt on the car mats. That doesn’t mean you should stop car sharing. It simply means you can call Dazzle Clean Bangalore to help clean your car thoroughly.

Why Dazzle Clean Bangalore?

Dazzle Clean Bangalore is the most sought after company in Bangalore for its deep cleaning services and solutions. We offer a wide range of services and car cleaning and car detailing is among the many. You can drop your car at our service centers and our cleaning crew will design effective cleaning solutions for your car. You can also hire our services and we will send our cleaning crew to your house at the designated time and location.

In no time our crew of car experts who have many years of experience will bring your car back to its top condition. They will deep clean the upholstery and the seats of your car and you can customize the service as per your requirements.


It is natural for your car to get very dirty considering how much time you spend in your car day in and day out. But, cleaning and maintaining your car is very easy if you follow certain hygiene practices that include not eating in your car. The interesting facts we listed in this article let us know just how much we rely on our cars and not just for transport.

That is why regular cleaning and maintenance is very necessary to keep the car in top condition and prolong its lifespan. So, if you want the best services in the industry then hire us to deep clean your car and your car will thank you for doing this. Do book our services at the earliest as we are just a call away. 

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