Benefits Of Hiring Professional Facade Cleaners

Facade is the front facing portion of the building and it is regularly exposed to all kinds of dust and pollutants. Different buildings have different facades and constitute different materials. Glass facades have become very common and in our IT city Bangalore, glass facades have become the hallmark of IT companies and their buildings.

Facade is that region of the building where you cannot clean using the DIY method. Especially if the building is a skyscraper. It is best left to professionals like us where trained experts visit your building and provide the facade glass cleaning services.

To keep the building looking strong the facade is designed to be tough. But this makes the cleaning of the facade that much more difficult. In the next section, we have discussed why professional facade cleaners are necessary.

Why professional facade cleaners?

The facade of the building plays a direct role in creating the image of the building. Many buildings, especially government offices, have a prominent facade showcasing what the building stands for. Now if the same facades had a dirty and unkempt look it would leave a bad impression on all those who can see the building.

Facade cleaning cannot be done alone, especially of commercial buildings. It is important to note that a facade is always exposed to harsh weather conditions that not only make it dirty but also wears your facade down, generating many cracks and tears. Depending on the design of your facade many birds like pigeons make your facade their home. So cleaning your facade is a tedious task and certainly not for the light hearted.

When you hire professionals like us we clean your fades thoroughly irrespective of the height of the building and the materials used. In the next section, we have discussed the benefits you reap by hiring professional facade cleaners.

Benefits of hiring professional facade cleaners

Dazzle Clean Bangalore is a leading deep cleaning company and we provide professional cleaning services of all kinds. Not everyone can clean a facade as it is a highly specialized job. Our professional crew of cleaners are well trained in facade cleaning and come with many years of experience. We have elaborated the various benefits you get by hiring us to clean your facade below:

Identifying the problems

Our professional facade cleaners are quite meticulous in their work and observe for any cracks in your facade and do damage control accordingly. They are well trained in this field and can take care of minor repairs that need to be done.

It can save your time

As we provide all services related to the facade from A to Z you don’t need to search for another vendor to deliver services related to different aspects of your facade. This way you can save your time and effort.

Hard to clean substances can be easily tackled

A facade not only develops cracks over time but also becomes the place for bird droppings, tree sap, spores, mold, etc. and all these substances are very hard to clean. Without the right technical expertise you will not be able to clean it completely.

Our professional facade cleaners not only have the technical expertise but also the experience required to clean the numerous substances commonly found on your facade. They can tackle any substance easily and clean it completely.

It can remain clean for a more extended period of time

When you get your facade cleaned by professionals like us the results will last longer and you will have a clean facade for a very long time. This is because our cleaning crew use the right cleaning solutions and agents along with specialized tools to clean your facade thoroughly. After we are done with our service, maintaining your facade becomes easy.

Why should you hire a contractor for facade cleaning?

Cleaning a facade is a specialized job and not everyone can do it. Professional facade cleaners use rope to hang and clean the facade and this requires a lot of skill and knack. Only highly trained individuals are allowed to clean the facade. This job is also tedious and time consuming. That is why hiring a contractor is necessary for this job.

Our professional crew of facade cleaners have the necessary skills and are highly trained in this field. They also have experience cleaning different types of facades and bring their own cleaning supplies when they come to clean the facade. They take care of all minor work and repairs related to your facade.

Here are the qualities that you should look for in a facade cleaning company

The qualities of a good facade cleaning company are listed below:

  • They should have a professional team of cleaners
  • The facade cleaners need to be highly trained and skilled as this job comes with risk
  • Experience in facade cleaning is a must
  • Look into the quality of the servicesĀ 
  • The prices of the services and the various packages they offer
  • Check whether the company is licensed and have the proper certifications
  • Look into the reviews and testimonials of their customers


Hiring a professional facade cleaner has many benefits and is the safe thing to do. Dazzle Clean Bangalore is the most sought after deep cleaning company and we offer various deep cleaning services. So, if you want a clean and bright facade contact us at the earliest.

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