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    Bathroom Cleaning Sevices Bangalore

    Having a bathroom is synonymous with personal hygiene. It is also part of the Swachh Bharath campaign where toilets are constructed in every house. Bathrooms witness a heavy foot traffic daily and they get dirty easily. This is natural and a fact of life. 

    But maintaining a clean bathroom can prove to be difficult. In an otherwise clean and sparkling house, dirty bathrooms are distasteful and leave a bad impression on the guests as well. In Bangalore, bathrooms get dirty easily because not all areas are supplied with Cauvery water and hard water is more common. Hard water leaves scales and lime stains on all your bathroom fixtures making your bathroom look old and dirty.

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    Why should we keep our bathrooms clean?

    Regular cleaning of the bathrooms isn’t enough and deep cleaning is necessary. This is because bathrooms are one section of the house that attracts germs and bacteria very easily. Unclean and dirty bathrooms are hazardous to health and lead to many infections as bacteria and germs can live in your bathroom for weeks. They also become a breeding ground for molds and fungi.

    Cleaning your bathroom also makes you aware of any maintenance issues. If there are any leaky taps or pipes you can notice it immediately and take action accordingly if you clean your bathroom regularly.

    Cleaning your bathroom makes you organize it as well. A bathroom is a place where all your soap, shampoos, and other toiletries are stored. When you use the bathroom you tend to leave all these things in a mess leading to clutter and creating space for germs to build up. Regular cleaning keeps your bathroom organized and you will notice all these details and take appropriate action.

    If you have a family or have little children then keeping clean and hygienic bathrooms make all the more sense. As children are susceptible to infections, having good hygiene and maintaining clean bathrooms is all the more necessary.

    But a regular cleaning does not address all of the issues you are facing with your bathrooms. Lime scale deposits, deposits on bathroom floors, etc cannot be cleaned by regular cleaning. Neither will your maid put in that extra effort to keep your bathrooms clean and sparkling. Only a deep cleaning can address all the issues in your bathroom and in the next section we have detailed the importance of deep cleaning your bathroom.

    Why is deep cleaning of the bathrooms necessary?

    If you have cleaned your bathrooms before then you would know it is a challenge to make them look brand new again. It is not easy to remove the deposits and stains in your bathroom and using the right solution is absolutely necessary for this or you will risk damaging your bathroom fixtures.

    And cleaning your bathrooms can be quite taxing and labor intensive as well. There are many sections and components to clean and all this will take time and can be quite hard to do. 

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    Simple cleaning of the bathrooms won’t remove the bad odors completely. And cleaning the grouts of the bathroom floor is very necessary as grime and germs always accumulate here and this is always overlooked when cleaning the bathrooms.

    A clean bathroom which is free from deep seated dirt and grime can stop the spread of diseases and improve the hygiene of you and your loved ones. Deep cleaning of the bathroom goes a long way in achieving that. In the next section, we have detailed how we go about deep cleaning your bathroom.

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    How do we deep clean your bathroom?

    We send a team of highly trained professionals who are experts in cleaning and have many years of experience in this field. They are knowledgeable and use the right solutions in removing the limescale deposits without damaging your bathroom fixtures. Our teams can do labor intensive work and are trained for that, so cleaning your bathrooms is very easy for them.

    They will clean everything in your bathroom from top to bottom and this includes the light in your bathroom as well as the walls. The deep cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of your bathroom fixtures as well as the bathtub. Our crew will use polish to make all your taps and pipes shine. 

    Acid will be used optimally and only tough and stubborn stains will be removed. The exhaust fans of your bathrooms will also undergo a good cleaning.

    Our crew will also remove the mold from your grouts and clean your bathroom mirrors and windows as well. The glass panes stains will be removed making the glass crystal clear. Dust usually accumulates near the geyser along with cobwebs. Our crew will take care of that as well. Once the cleaning is done they will organize the bathroom and will arrange the things as per your liking. You will immediately notice the difference in your bathrooms after our crew is done with their cleaning. 

    Also, our crew being the thorough professionals they are will clean up after themselves if they have made any mess, leaving your bathroom sparkling and looking brand new. From here on, maintaining your bathrooms becomes easy for you and won’t be the cause of your worry any more. In the following section, we have discussed what sets us apart from the competition.

    What makes our bathroom cleaning  services the best in the industry?

    We have been in this field for many years and over time we have utilized this experience to build our expertise in this area. We leave behind a trail of happy customers who frequently avail our services. Our crew is well trained and can anticipate your needs and deliver accordingly.

    We use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to make your bathroom look brand new. Our cleaning crew has good knowledge on the subject and use the correct solutions to deep clean your bathroom thoroughly.  They do their job quickly and efficiently without leaving any trace of dirt, grime, or germs. 

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    We offer very competitive rates to our clients and you also have the flexibility to schedule our services at their convenience. Once the services have been booked our crew will arrive at your doorstep promptly at the stipulated date and time and will begin with the service. You can get the cleaning done as per your requirement and notify our staff of any requirement you might have had.


    Dazzle Clean Bangalore is one of the most sought after deep cleaning services in Bangalore. We do not subcontract and send only our highly trained staff to your premises to deep clean it thoroughly. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying our client and we always deliver our best every time.

    So, if you find the job of cleaning your bathrooms tedious and taxing and want to make it shine like brand new then please remember to call us. We are only a phone call away. You will never regret getting your bathroom deep cleaned by us and in no time your bathrooms will be gleaming and sparkling like the rest of your house. Do not wait and contact us at the earliest and we look forward to having you as our permanent client.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the best time to get this service?

    For cleaning bathrooms anytime is always a good time. There are no hard and fast rules here and when you feel you cannot handle the growing germs and dirt in your bathroom you can always call us professionals to your aid. Hard water stains can damage your bathroom fixture so getting your bathrooms deep cleaned becomes a necessity and we recommend getting it done every 3-4 months.

    How much time do you usually take to clean all the bathrooms?

    It depends on the level of dirt and stains in your bathroom. Since we clean your bathrooms thoroughly and the quality of the work is very important to us we take anywhere between one to two hours to get your bathroom to shine like it is brand new.

    Can I trust your cleaning staff and step out for the day?

    Yes , you can trust our cleaning staff and step out for the day. In your absence they will deep clean the bathroom as discussed. We do not subcontract and our cleaning crew are our employees who have undergone a stringent background check that involves government ID check and address verification.

    How many people will come to clean my bathrooms?

    Our cleaning crew will consist of 3 professionals who are highly trained and will clean your bathrooms accordingly. They will use eco-friendly solutions and cleaning tools and deep clean all your bathrooms. They will also remove stains that come from construction if it is a newly constructed house or apartment.

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