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    Deep Cleaning Services at Bangalore

    Welcome to Dazzle Clean Bangalore the most sought after professional deep cleaning company in Bangalore. We offer a wide range of deep cleaning solutions that make your home dazzlingly clean. We recognize that home is the only place where one can be true to themselves and that is why we deliver the best deep cleaning services in the industry.

    We have a team of the best cleaning professionals who have many years of experience and come highly trained. We make your house completely dust free and help you to lead clean, comfortable lives that come with having a clean house. From completely organizing the place to deep cleaning it we provide end to end cleaning solutions so that your search comes to an end with us. 

    Car Cleaning

    Hire our professional car cleaning services and enjoy clean and smooth rides time after time

    Kitchen Cleaning

    Our deep cleaning kitchen services will make your kitchen dazzle in no time.

    Bathroom Cleaning

    There will be no stains, no residue only clean and shiny bathroom and bathroom fixtures

    Facade Cleaning

    We provide end to end facade cleaning solutions and take care of everything that is facade related

    Office Cleaning

    Your office becomes a second home for your employees and creates the best impression

    Furniture Cleaning

    Offer the best professional furniture cleaning services and in no time your furniture

    Hotel & Restaurant Cleaning

    Enjoy the services of highly trained professionals who will thoroughly deep clean your restaurant

    Carpet Cleaning

    Hire our services so that you can have clean, fresh carpets that adorn your rooms and revamp the look of your house.

    House Cleaning

    Dust and mites getting completely wiped out and enjoy the calm and peace that comes with a clean house

    Deep House Cleaning

    Dazzle Clean Bangalore provide the best professional house cleaning services in Bangalore. Deep cleaning has become the need of the hour thanks to the rising pollution levels and dust. A clean home tells you where your things are and you don’t waste time searching for them.
    Our house cleaners know exactly what kind of dust and mites are hiding in your home. Most of our satisfied clients are mothers who trust our services deeply. For house cleaning services we clean all vertical and horizontal surfaces, including windows, blinds, drawers, curtains, light fixtures, etc.

    Deep Kitchen Cleaning

    Cleaning the kitchen should be a top priority as this is the place where we cook our food. Professional deep cleaning services have popped up in the city that leave your kitchen looking spotless and clean. A deep cleaning also increases overall hygiene and leads to lesser infections. The kitchen is one of the busiest sections in the house and gets dirty easily. Deep cleaning of the kitchen is best left to the professionals like us. In the next section, we detailed how we deep clean your kitchen and leave it looking fresh and odor free. Our crew will pay special attention to the chimney of your kitchen. We have specialized tools just for cleaning your chimney. Degreasing the stove is very essential. 

    Deep Bathroom Cleaning

    In Bangalore, bathrooms get dirty easily because not all areas are supplied with Cauvery water and hard water is more common. Deep cleaning of the bathrooms isn’t enough and deep cleaning is necessary. Lime scale deposits, deposits on bathroom floors, etc cannot be cleaned by regular cleaning.
    We use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to make your bathroom look brand new. Our crew has good knowledge on the subject and use the correct solutions to deep clean your bathroom thoroughly. They do their job quickly and efficiently without leaving any trace of dirt, grime, or germs.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Dazzle Clean Bangalore is one of the best deep cleaning companies in Bangalore. Carpets are finely woven and become hotbeds for dust, mites, allergens, bacteria and germs. Regular vacuuming is not sufficient and doesn’t clean the deep seated debris in your carpets.
    Dazzle Clean Bangalore offers a professional deep cleaning service. We deep clean all types of carpets be it Persian, synthetic, silk, wool, etc. Our staff is highly trained and we send a select team of professionals who have many years of experience in the industry.

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